The Construction of C3 on Inks Lake!

C3 rocks--January '14

Sept. 2014…..C3 Directors Tyler Robertson, Stacy and David Bennett

C3--shot from the top
Clearing the land... Saving the trees.
Fall Office

Camp breaks ground and pours the slab for the new C3 Office - Merit Store - Post Office Mail Room.

Fall River
Junior is adding more dirt to the Lazy River pad, as construction is about to begin.
Fall Ropes
Future site of ropes course and climbing wall. C3 "Rock of Ages" marks the spot!
Sept_12_ office
Construction is underway for the C3 Office - Merit Store - Post Office Mail Room.

office_ nov 14  may office grass

The office is almost finished. Now it’s time to plant some grass!                                              Adding some grass to C3

may cabin1  March_pit stop

The first Girls Camp cabin is being built. Still no name!                                                 Need a band aid? Construction of the Pit Stop has begun!

   lazy river image 2

Construction continues on the Lazy River for C3. Bottom row: C3 Directors Stacy & David Bennett and Tyler Robertson. Back row: Robby, Francisco, Javier Jr., Rance, Ramon, Victor, Jorge, Barney, Javier Sr., Javier, Silvano and Primo. "It's a team effort for a big job."                                                                                                      

lazy river nov_14   lazy river_Jan.

                 Lazy River bottom is almost all done                                                                  Lazy River getting outside walls poured on December 3rd.

girl's camp library   boys camp_Jan.

                 The first library for the girls camp                                                                                     Getting ready for the boys camp library

2015_March_Boy's camp library   2015_March_boys library

                                                                                                                               Boys camp library progress

2015_Feb_Library   11_12_15_view of boys camp with lazy river

                                   The library is getting a                                                                                       A view of the 2 boys cabins from the lazy river

11_12_15_tyler sod   8_8_15_tramps 2015 002

             Director Tyler bringing the sod over. C3 is getting green                                                   1... 2... 3... Check bounce! C3 has tramps!

7_14_15_chow hall slab   11_12_15_boy's camp cabins

                        The slab for the chow hall is going in!                                                                                     C3 boys cabins starting to take shape!

11_8_15_waterfront with blob tower   11_8_15_lazy river painted

                C3 is ready for our first blob!! Ski Dock coming soon!                                                                       The lazy river has been painted

8_8_15_girls camp 4 cabins   8_8_15_girls cabins painted

                           Four cabins going up in the girls camp                                                                           Girls Camp got a paint job. Girls Camp blue!

8_8_15_entry road paved   7_14_15_boy's camp ball fields

         C3's entry road - Attaway Lane! Paved and ready for your arrival!                                                Boys ball fields are ready for grass!

8_8_15_C3 crew

The C3 staff shooting a video for the new Camp Longhorn carnival video! Left to right: Camp Director Tyler Robertson, Girls Camp Director Stacy Robertson Bennett,  Boys Camp Director David Bennett, Merit Store Director Annette Lucksinger and IT Director Daniel Lucksinger.            

11_12_15_chow hall   1_27_16_chow

                     You can already smell the bacon and apple crisp!                                                       Chow Hall construction continues

2016…2016…2016…Almost time for Camp!

3_21_16_bb   3_21_16_sock

                              Charlie standing tall watching over C3!!                                                                                   Water sock Construction

3_21_16_Boys_cabins   2_18_16_cfire

                      Boys camp cabins are nearly completed                                                                                 Hail to that campfire lighter!

2_18_16_lane   1_27_16_zoo

                    Entering C3 on Attaway Lane. Welcome!                                                                   Fencing about to go in for our C3 petting zoo

1_27_16_tramps   1_27_16_pit

                             The tramps have a shady spot                                                                                    Pit Stop is ready for our nurses to move in

1_27_16_river    1_27_16_docking

                     Check out the view of the Lazy River from the Chow                                                      Check out our new docking system        

1_27_16_cabinsboys   1_27_16_bridge

                                            Upstairs are up, with stairs!                                                                                                                        Building bridges to the river

4_10_16_waterfront   4_12_16_wf2

                              The grass is green on the waterfront!                                                                                 Waterfront nearing completion!

4_12_16_zoo   5_24_16_socks

                      Petting Zoo just needs some animals to love                                                             C3's brand new water socs are ready for action!

10_28_16_pool   10_31_16_walls

   Construction on a swimming pool has begun!                                                                   Next step is to make some walls for the pool.


C3 is getting ready for a high flying time this summer! Construction on our brand new ropes course has begun!