Counselor Chatter


4 of C3’s newest JCs… Valentina Vasquez, Kaylee Mims, Summer Regan, & Juliana Goodell. These 4 girls are long time CLH cabinmates/friends and are now entering into their new role at CLH, JCs! They met up over Easter for Juliana’s birthday. Picture Proof that Camp friends are Lifelong friends. ATTAWAYTOGROW Juliana!

Makenzie Lira sharing her CLH themed Christmas tree.  Attawaytogo!

A big ATTAWAYTOGO to Arden Perabo (left) and Kathryn Robison(right)! First year medical students at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine.
Arden- 2nd term camper and counselor for 15 years
Kathryn- 2nd term camper and counselor for 13 years

Screenshot 2020-04-19 at 8.50.33 PM

CLH's Erika Browne and Caleb Attwell working on the CoVid floor at MD Anderson.

Caroline Frederick and Nathan Kendrick, 1st term counselors, attend a
sorority date party last fall semester at Texas Tech. 
Wanted to send an  “Attawaytogo”to all!

      Mallory Clifton and Reese Giddens met as Wrens in 2009. This year they’re roommates at UGA.  #attawaytomakefriend

Lake Leppert and Grayson Clifton have been friends since 2006 when they were campers at CLH.  This year they’re roommates at SMU.  #attawaytobeafriend

CLH is GREAT because our COUNSELORS are GREAT!!!

“ATTAWAYTOGO” for another great summer!!!  Thank you! 

C3 Camper and now Counselor Presley Bennett signed to play basketball next year at Texas State in San Marcos. Lots of family and friends were there to show their love and support. Attawytogo Presley!