Merit Questions

JANUARY 2018 Merit Questions

You now EARN 2 MERITS for each correct answer!

Each Camper must submit their own answers! Please don't send one answer sheet for multiple campers!
Earn TWO MERITS for each question answered correctly.
Email your answer sheets to one of the email addresses below or print out page and mail in .

    1.  Who are the founders of Camp Longhorn?

    2.  Name the big river that separates Texas from Mexico.

    3.  The only armadillo native to the U.S. is found in Texas.  Is it a mammal or reptile? 

    4.  Is a cowboys rope called a lasso or a cow catcher?

    5.  What should every passenger do in a car before it starts moving? 

    6.   What sport is played with a stick and on ice?

    7.  Name one type of desert plant.

    8.  What are the initials of the U.S. space agency?

    9.  What is a group of fish called?

    10.  How many toes does an Ostrich have on one foot? 

Answers need to be postmarked BEFORE the LAST DAY
of this month to receive merits!

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Inks Lake Campers mail answers to: Indian Springs Campers mail answers to: C3 Campers mail answers to:

Cindy Hert
Camp Longhorn Inks Lake
#1 Camp Longhorn Road
Burnet, Texas 78611

or email

Kim Meyers
Camp Longhorn Indian Springs
1000 Indian Springs Road
Burnet, Texas 78611

or email

Cecilia Freeman
Camp Longhorn C3
108 Attaway Ln
Burnet, Texas 78611

or email