Nash Eric Schultenover
Nashville CLASP: Eric Schultenover

AZ CLASP winner Whitney Ramey Werner
Arizona CLASP: Whitney Ramey Werner

CLASP Burnet Whitney Williams
Burnet CLASP: Whitney Williams

CLASP Wichita Falls Tatem Morris
Wichita Falls CLASP: Tatem Morris

Hilary Gainer Clasp winner Midland
Midland CLASP: Hilary Gainer

San Angelo CLASP Emily Guero
San Angelo: CLASP Emily Guero

Lubbock CLASP Ann Marie Salech
Lubbock CLASP: Ann Marie Salech

Abilene CLASP: Martha Canon

CLASP Little Rock Camille Wilson
Nashville: Camille Wilson

Renee Abraham Neessen Clasp Winner
El Paso CLASP: Renee Abraham Nessen

CLASP Justin Deinnen DC
Washington DC CLASP: Justin Deinnen

NYC CLASP Emily Iverson
NYC CLASP: Emily Iverson

SA 1 CLASP Colton Batchelor
San Antonio 1 CLASP: Colton Batchelor

SA 2 CLASP Will Hausser
San Antonio 2 CLASP: Will Hausser

CLASP Megan Snider Lowe
New Braunfels CLASP : Megan Snider Lowe

CLASP Annie Cullen
Victoria CLASP: Annie Cullen

CLASP Corpus Geordie and Amber Schimmel
Corpus CLASP: Geordie and Amber Schimmel

CLASP Alec Padram
McAllen CLASP : Alec Padram

Lake Travis CLASP Haylie Rosenberg
Lake Travis CLASP: Haylie Rosenberg

Austin 1 CLASP Bryan Lawhon
Austin 1 CLASP: Bryan Lawhon

Austin 2 Parker Polan
Austin 2 CLASP: Parker Polan

Austin 3 CLASP Jeff Whtiehill
Austin 3 CLASP: Jeff Whitehill

S Port CLASP Stephen Baker
Shreveport CLASP: Stephen Baker

Longview CLASP: Marisa Guillory

Tyler CLASP Austin Lahourcade
Tyler CLASP: Austin Lahourcade

N Dalas CLASP Stephanie Tormes
North Dallas CLASP: Stephanie Tormes

Dallas 1 CLASP Alyson Abney Bell
Dallas 1 CLASP: Alyson Abney Bell

Dallas 2 CLASP Meghan McDonald Michael
Dallas 2 CLASP: Meghan McDonald Michael

Dallas 3 CLASP  Krista Aburrow
Dallas 3 CLASP: Krista Aburrow

ftw 1 Zach Thomas
Ft. Worth 1 CLASP: Zach Thomas

ftw2 CLASP Julia Gadberry
Ft. Worth 2 CLASP: Julia Gadberry

Flower Mound CLASP Melissa Babich
Flower Mound CLASP: Melissa Babich

Galveston CLASP Carrie Zenden Del
Galveston CLASP: Carrie Zenden Del

Houston 1 CLASP Afton Baily
Houston 1 CLASP: Afton Baily

Houston 2 CLASP John Anderson
Houston 2 CLASP: John Anderson

Houston 3 CLASP Harvin Lawhon
Houston 3 CLASP: Harvin Lawhon

College Station CLASP Kurt Alfred
College Station CLASP: Kurt Alfred

LA Sarah Reynolds CLASP
Los Angeles CLASP: Sarah Reynolds

Maggie Porter Lee
Atlanta CLASP: Maggie Porter Lee

denver Eileen Aattar
Denver CLASP: Eileen Attar

NO CLASPDouglas Higginbotham
New Orleans: Douglas Higginbotham