What is Camp Longhorn?

Camp Longhorn is FUN! And much more! Built upon almost 75 years of tradition, enthusiasm, happiness, love and friendship, Longhorn is a world all its own, where “Everybody is Somebody!”

Camp Longhorn lies in the scenic Texas Hill Country, 60 miles northwest of Austin. Founded by Tex and Pat Robertson, there are two branches. Camp Longhorn Inks Lake (est. 1939) is located on the shores of Inks Lake, along the Colorado River. Camp Longhorn Indian Springs (est. 1975) is situated along two lakes fed by natural springs. Both camps have over 30 activities – perfect for those warm Texas summer days!

So, get ready to swim, slide, ski and sail this summer! Over the years Longhorn has invented the salo-frisbee, the blob, the merit system, and most importantly, the slogan, “Attawaytogo!” Guided by the Golden Rule, campers can’t help but catch that valuable, happy, positive spirit, while making lifelong friendships. Just ask a friend that is a Longhorn Camper!

Everybody is Somebody at Camp Longhorn

Camp Longhorn expects the best from each camper and it shows. Positive attitude and bragging on everything and everybody except themselves is what Camp Longhorn is all about. That comes back to each camper as respect, a feeling of self-worth, appreciation and confidence. Longhorn invented “Attawaytogo” in 1939 to praise, acknowledge and inspire Campers to realize they really are “somebody.” This self-esteem has resulted in pride as a happy, successful and unselfish person. Longhorn’s main requirement for a Early Bird (invitation for the next summer) is to love Camp, be a friend and have friends.

Cabin Life

The most important part of Camp life is the cabin! Twelve Campers are placed in each cabin according to their school grade. Two to four counselors live in the cabin with the campers and become a vital part of the group. At Longhorn, the youngsters in each cabin work to become a unit. They learn to depend on and to help one another. They also go to all their activities together. Friendships that last a lifetime are formed within the cabin group.


Camp Longhorn is proud of its role model counselors. Our standards are the highest. We have one counselor for every four campers here at Longhorn. Not everyone can be a counselor. Years of experience have proven that counselor ability amounts to a special talent.

Counseling is hard work, but must not appear so. Our counselors sleep, eat, and play with their campers. They are instructors, big brothers or sisters, above all buddies and friends…in the closest contact with youngsters in their most impressionable years. Camp Longhorn’s counselors are selected from among college students and young adults only after a personal interview. A gratifying number of Longhorn Counselors were Longhorn Campers who have continued their camping interest and possess leadership ability and inspiring traits. Our Junior Counselors are selected from our most promising older campers and are trained under close supervision of Senior Counselors and Camp Directors.